Musee de Marrakech


The Museum is housed in the old palace of Dar M’Nebhi Palace and well worth the admission price just for that. Inside the palace the layout is fairly typical for a Muslim grand house. An inner courtyard surrounded by various rooms. The central courtyard is now covered with a large intricate chandelier hanging down. The surround to the courtyard is covered with detailed tiling, and a larger tiled decoration on the main floor. Although all the exhibits are annotated in both Arabic and French this leaves the non French speaker lost about the contents and significance of the artefacts. May of the exhibits detail Berber and Jewish life from the nineteenth century. The display of early photographs are a great addition. Most are also available as copies to buy as well. Get the three in one ticket and the entry is even better value. The other two museums (Koubba Ba' Adyin and the Ben Youssef) are within a few footsteps away.

Place Ben Youssef
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